Many ask us: “ Why are you going to Athens?“

European activists will march from Patras to Athens to show solidarity with the Greek people! Starting on 2nd May and arriving in Athens on May 11th 2012.

From May 11- 15 we will attend the public assemblies being held in support of international social movements

Many people ask us: “Why are you going to Athens?”

The answer is simple: out of a sense of obligation, so the people living in Greece are not alone!

Today it is Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal. And tomorrow?

We are all Greeks!

We cannot accept that a country’s political and economic sovereignty is foreited to the dictates of the financial lenders, while the profiteers and the perpetrators of the crisis remain unaccountable.

-As Europeans we cannot sit idly and watch while the Greek people are deprived of their future. Because the forcibly imposed austerity measures are, in fact, a coup d’état to remove European democracy, and a deliberate suffocation of civil society. The world’s most powrful banks have caused humilation, especially in Greece – both morally and materially!

-We stand in solidarity with the striking workers of Greece!

-We stand in solidarity with the people in Greece, and with the occupations of and self management of city hospitals and factories by the workers!

-We stand in solidarity with Greek agricultural workers and those in the tourism industry, who earn a pittance.

-Incidentally, in Germany, as well as in other European countries many people are no longer able to survive from their jobs, because of the minimum wage is too low. And above all, we are in solidarity with the most vulnerable: the elderly, the sick and unemployed youth!

-We also must not forget the refugees who had to leave their country and seek protection in Europe.

These are the reasons we are marching!

We, the people, want to show our solidarity, we want to stir things up, towards a European Revolution! United we are strong!

We are meeting on 2nd May, 2012 in Patras. From there we will walk together in 11 stages to Athens! We will then participate in the international protest meetings on the 12-15th. May, 2012.

info under : https://www.facebook.com/events/190106407761241/


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